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There are many schools in the world where everyone dreams of studying. The grandeur of these schools attracts people towards them. Every parents have a desire that their child should study in a similar school.

In Bollywood movies, such grand schools are shown like ‘Student Of The Year’ seeing that it comes to everyone’s mind that wish we had studied in similar schools.

So today, we at THE Viral Take will show 10 such schools of the world which your heart sounds: Wow !

1. Lancing College, England 

Source: britainexpress
Source: ukboardingschools
Source: kiddle

2. Stowe School, England 

Source: schoolreportonline

3. Fettes College, Scotland 

Source: reddit
Source: westwoodshealthclub

4. Ivy Bound International School, Bangkok  

Source: businessinsider
Source: prachachat

5. Ivanhoe Grammar School, Australia  

Source: designandarchitecture
Source: designandarchitecture
Source: designandarchitecture

6. Indian Springs School, Alabama 

Source: architecturalrecord
Source: pinterest
Indian Spring School, Alabama

7. El Paso High School, Texas

Source: elpasoheraldpost
Source: kisselpaso

8. Benenden School, UK 

Source: asiatatler
Source: benenden

9. Shunde Primary School, China

Source: archello

10. Pomfret School, US 

Source: pinterest

Hope that you have come to know about the best schools in the world.

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