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In everyday life we ​​see many small things and ignore them without knowing. Everyday hacks Like the hole on the pen’s lid, small button in the jeans etc. There is a reason behind all this, which most of the people are unaware of.

THEVIRALTAKE have brought some such interesting things for our readers, we must have seen these small things in our daily life and today we will also know the reason.

1. Cut marks at the bottom of the cup 

Source: reddit

This cut is made so that when we wash the cup, the water does not stop.

2. Hole made in vessel handle 

Source: tumblr

This hole is not only meant for washing and hanging, but this place is used to puff up the spoon while cooking.

3. Small button in jeans 

Source: wikipedia

This small button prevents jeans from being torn by rubb ing.

4. Hole made in pen cap 

Source: wikipedia

It has nothing to do with pen ink. If this lid gets stuck in someone’s throat by mistake, the throat should not be choke and breath properly.

5. Marks on “F” and “J” of keyboard 

Source: theuijunkie

This mark helps in typing fast, our brain is also working behind it. Because of this mark, fingers help our brain to remember the rest of the buttons.

6. Brush mounted on the side of the escalators 

Source: wikipedia

These brushes on the side of the escalator are not for polishing the shoes. These are for our safety. These brushes protects our clothes from being trapped.

7. Small slots on measuring tape 

ource: we know

The steel end made on measuring tape, prevents it from entering the box. 

8. Screwdrivers 

Source: reddit

Screwdrivers can be used as a wrench.  

9. Hole made with iPhone camera 

Source: unsplash

This hole is not a flash, it’s a microphone which is used when you are recording video from the back camera. 

10. Holes made under locks 

Source: pinterest

There are small holes at the place of keying, this helps releasing the water in the lock to get out. Als used for oiling the lock.

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