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Selfie has become as important as the food of today’s youth. Day cannot be complete without taking a selfie. A few years ago no one knew the word selfie but today selfie has become a weakness of the whole world. Many people have lost their lives in this selfie affair.

By the way, many such funny selfies have been posted by people, which can be fun to see. Today we THE VIRAL Take will show you some such hilarious selfies that you have never seen before.

#1 Carbon copy

#2. Hilarious selfie where train conductor kicked on the head.

#3. Stay away from this selfie maniac.

Shiba Inus Happiness For Food Goes Viral On Social Media

#4. Kevin Richardson with his chuddy buddy.

#5. Obviously he is looking better than him.

#6. This selfie may have pushed this cop into coma.

#7. He is more interested in selfie mode.

#8. Peace before the storm.

#9. Just feel the emotions.

#10. Such people need immediate treatment in mental hospital

#11. Perfect vacation selfie at home.

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