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Everyone is aware of the youth’s love for Maggi. Children, young or old, all seem crazy about Maggi. But imagine how this Maggi noodles would be if you get to eat in some new style and not in your old style. Let us tell you the funny style of making maggi during Worldwide lockdown.

1. Egg Bhurji MAGGI Noodles

Almight Maggi with egg factor. Find the recipe here


2. MAGGI Noodles Salsa

Bored of daily bread butter, try this new recipe here


3. Maggi Sandwich Recipe

Every morning it may feel hard and confusing what to eat. This recipe will refresh you morning. Recipe here

4. Paneer Taka-Tak MAGGI Noodles

Maggi is not just a snacks. Try this recipe here

5. Cheesy Italiano MAGGI Noodles

Wants to try something new, click here

Source: Whisk Affair

6. Maggi Pakoda

Delicious combination with tea. Recipe here

7. Chilli Maggi

The Indo-Chinese combination will activate you taste buds. Try here

Source: Dhaba Style

8. Lemony MAGGI Noodles

Lemon tadka maggi. Taste here


9. Tadka Masala Maggi

Tadka masala maggi with desi style. Recipe here

10. Chicken Maggi

Always ready for chicken shicken. Recipe here

Source: Hungry Forever

11. Creamy Spinach and Corn MAGGI Noodles

This picture activated taste buds. Recipe here

Source: Maggi

12. Dal Shorba with Lemon MAGGI Noodles

Parents are also feel and happy to see this healthy Maggi. Recipe here

Source: Maggi.in

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