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Business card plays an important key role in taking your business to the next level. Your cool business card gives proper recognition to your work.

We at The Viral Take have brought some unique and unconventional design business cards for you, Seeing you will not stop from laughing.

Cheese grater looks business card

© imgur.com© jwt.com

Plastic surgery: before and after

© imgur.com© dmb.at

This trainer stretch you hard

© adsoftheworld.com

2-in-1 tattoo studio offers free temporary tattoo

© Open Studio

This small yoga matt definitely motivate you

© fitnessvancouver

Real sommelier

© behance

This divorce lawyer’s business card has two contact details

© cardonizer.com

This fitness trainer will help you to lose your tummy’s excess weight.

© leoburnett.com

Photographer’s Business card

© Norris Mantooth

Fix your bike with this tool business card.

© rethinkcanada.com

With this business card, you can use as a comb and play some music

© fabiomilito.com

This business card made of dried meat for survival

© rethinkcanada.com

This hairdresser know bobby pins are best friends

© kudos.nyc

A butcher shop’s perfect business card 

© jukeboxprint.com

If you want to see this doctor’s information, you need to inflate this balloon

What would it look like your business card? Share your ideas with us!

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