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From the very beginning, women have been introduced in advertisements in different ways. Sometimes advertisements are made for the empowerment of women, sometimes they are just used to sell their goods. This trend has always been going on.

Today we at THEVIRALTAKE will introduce you to some of the sexist Indian ads which hard to forget.

1. The 1960s Bournvita ad, showed that the happiness of an Indian woman depends on her husband.

2. In this jewellery ad showed an Indian woman has the right to choose her jewellery but she does not have the right to choose a husband.

Source: Reddit

3. This Usha sewing machine ad shows Indian mentality ‘ Train her to be an ideal housewife’.

Source: Pinterest

4. This Ponds cream ad says she’s lovely because she used Ponds.

5. This bank is feeling more worried about the daughter’s marriage.

Source: Twitter

6. Usha’s another ad saying giving this sewing machine to your daughter on her wedding day for a lifetime of happiness.

Source: OldIndianAds

7. This Jack & Jones controversial poster objectified.

Source: Twitter

8. This electric shaver ad disclosed the surest way to a man’s heart.

9. This sanitaryware ad showed after a tiresome cooking chore all she needs now is a cool refreshing bath.

Source: Twitter

10. This Godrej soap Vatni expressed my face is my fortune.

Source: Pinterest

11. This bookmybai.com advertisements showed a women needs a bai more than diamond.

Source: thestorypedia

12. This Nando’s 2016 ad was so cheap and vulgar.

13. Fair & Lovely must explain about SAAF GORAPAN !

Source: India TV News

14. Ad makers thinks without girls deodorant ads are not justified.

15. This prestige cooker ads sexist tagline ‘jo biwi se kare pyaar, woh Prestige se kaise kare inkaar. That means there is no difference in wife and cooker.

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