15 Weird Ideas That Teachers Took Cheating Prevention To A Next Level – TVT

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Over the time and technologies students become more and more advanced with their cheating skills. Along with students, teachers are also using advanced technology to stop cheating. Some teachers feel the need to make prevention another level and to catch the cheater.

We at THEVIRALTAKE have brought some strange and funny ideas which teachers are using nowadays.

  1. Horse Blinders Hat.

2. Anti- Cheating Cardboard Boxes.

3. No Left & Right Students.

4. Anti Cheating Umbrellas.

5. Drones Are Being Monitored

6. Newspaper Dropped Hat

7. Metal Detector Test

8. Anti Cheating Cubical Protection

9. Cone Shaped Anti Cheating Protection

10. Live CCTV Surveillance.

11. Indian Army Test With Social Distancing.

12. Horse Blinder Hat

13. Top Angle Surveillance.

14. Look Down Only.

15. No To Cell Phones

Hope that you have enjoyed seeing this amazing and weird ideas that stop cheating.

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