Top Indian Web Series On Netflix Is Like A Drug Which Gets Addictive Very Quickly

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When Netflix stepped into India, Netflix itself would not have thought that it would settle in the hearts of Indians. Netflix has been entertaining people in India for the last 5 years. People also ditched the theater because of Netflix.

In the last 5 years, Netflix India launched many original Hindi web series for the people of India. To be seen practically, it is not possible to judge all the web series, which series is better.

To watch these top web series in Hindi, you have to take the subscription of the Netflix. Netflix is ​​the most watched platform in the world of OTT.

We at The Viral Take curate the list of best Indian web series on Netflix that you must start watching in this lockdown.

1. Delhi Crime – 15 | 50min | Crime, Drama | TV Series (2019 ) Episodes – 8 |IMDB Rating 8.5*

This series of Netflix India is ​​the missing link of Nirbhaya scandal that you must know! The most important thing about ‘Delhi Crime’ is that it does not show the horrific gang rape incident at all. But what happened that night, we get to know from the statements of different characters. The series’ Narrative works on the memory of the audience.

Stars: Shefali ShahRajesh TailangRasika Dugal

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2. Sacred Games Season 1 & 2 – 18 | 50min | Action, Crime, Drama | TV Series (2018–2019) IMDB Rating – 8.6*

Mumbai’s underworld is at the center of Netflix’s Sacred Games. Its story involves the struggle between cinema, business, and the relationship of religion with the then political …

Stars: Saif Ali KhanNawazuddin SiddiquiNeeraj Kabi

3. She – 16 | 36min | CrimeDrama | TV Series (2020– ) IMDB Rating – 6.5*

Sasya is a big drug peddler in Mumbai. Her only weakness is a girl or prostitute. One night he reaches the brothel, to choose the girl. The broker shows her 8-10 girls, which she does not like. Finally, he shows Sasya two part-time girls doing business. One of these girls is Bhumi, who instigates and challenges Sasya. They say that sex is not just a physical player, it is a power game. Sasya takes the land with her in these rounds. The same night, the police arrest Red Sasya by hitting Red at the hotel.

4. Leila – 15 | 48min | DramaSci-Fi | TV Series (2019– ) IMDB Rating – 4.8*

‘Laila’ is the story of a Hindu mother. Whose husband was killed for being a Muslim. This made swimming pool water an excuse. Mother and daughter were separated. The entire series is a journey to find the same daughter. Huma Qureshi has become Laila’s mother- Shalini Rizwan Chaudhary. You will only see Huma in the entire series.

Stars: Huma QureshiRahul KhannaSiddharth

5. Taj Mahal 1989 – 16 | 33min | ComedyDramaRomance | TV Series (2020– )IMDB Rating – 7.5*

The streets of Lucknow have been shown in a new series ‘Taj Mahal 1989’ on Netflix. This series, full of stories of love and friendship, has a total of 7 episodes. The picture of India of the 1990s with the start of the 21st century is seen in this series. That is, tone, style and style are completely modern today ..

Stars: Neeraj KabiGeetanjali KulkarniDanish Husain |

6. Jamtara: Sabka Number Ayega -18 | 29min | Crime | TV Series (2020– )IMDB Rating – 7.3*

The ‘Jamtara’ being projected like a web series on the backdrop of fishing has shown few things related to fishing. Which includes changing the voice and calling your Victims.

Stars: Amit SialDibyendu BhattacharyaAksha Pardasany

7. Selection Day – 13 | 23min | Sport | TV Series (2018– ) IMDB Rating 7.4*

In the selection day, through the syrup of cricket, a father’s insistence on making his sons a top-class cricketer, a school’s fight to survive, a child’s underbelly of a father’s ambition and the brunt of domestic violence has been threaded. The series is based on a novel titled ‘Selection Day’ by Arvind Adiga, directed by Udayan Prasad of Indian origin. The first season of ‘Selection Day’ has a total of six episodes of about half an hour.

Stars: Yash DholyePrashannt JhaMahesh Manjrekar

8. Little Things – 15 | 16min | ComedyRomance | TV Series (2016– ) IMDB Rating 8.3*

“Little Things”: Original, Realistic and Very Cute Web Series Saying Love is More Difficult Than Loving It But What Happens When You Are Below One Roof? What happens then when you come from relationship to live in relationship? What happens when your partner’s bad habits are known to you? What happens when you take up responsibilities with each other as well as at home? What happens when two lovers living under one roof get into a fight?

Stars: Dhruv SehgalMithila PalkarAbhishek Bhalerao

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9. Lust Stories – 15 | 2h | DramaRomance | 15 June 2018 (UK)IMDB 6.5*

‘Lust Stories’ One of the human emotions, this film around ‘sexuality’ consists of four short films made by well-known directors. These films by Anurag Kashyap, Zoya Akhtar, Dibakar Banerjee and Karan Johar have actors like Radhika Apte, Bhumi Pednekar, Manisha Koirala, Kiara Advani, Neha Dhupia, Sanjay Kapoor and Vicky Kaushal.

Stars: Radhika ApteBhumi PednekarKiara Advani

10. Hasmukh -34min | ComedyCrime | TV Mini-Series (2020– ) IMDB Rating 5.3*

The foreground of the series is Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh, where Hasmukh (Vir Das) dreams of seeing himself on stage as a stand up comedian. Hasmukh wants people to know his work and appreciate it. Now, has been said, there is no short cut of success, something like this is also in this case. In front of Hasmukh there is a big threat from Gulati (Manoj Pahwa) who is an established comedian and who cannot do comedy without eating pakodas.

Stars: Vir DasRanvir ShoreyAmrita Bagchi

11. Ghoul – 15 | 45min | DramaFantasyHorror | TV Mini-Series (2018)IMDB Rating 7.1*

Those who go outside the government machinery in the distant future are considered criminals. Such people who talk outside the government information will be declared as terrorists. The government’s syllabus will only be taught, read and everything outside it will be ‘anti national’. Nida Rahim (Radhika Apte) is part of the Government Special Forces which helps the country in capturing and interrogating ‘anti national’ elements.

Stars: Radhika ApteManav KaulRohit Pathak

12. Stories By Rabindranath Tagore – 16 | 45min | Drama | TV Series (2015)IMDB Rating 8.8*

Stories by Rabindranath Tagore is a 2015 Indian original Hindi television series which aired on Netflix. It is directed by Anurag Basu.

Stars: Radhika ApteZachary CoffinKranti Prakash Jha

13. A Suitable Boy – 15 | 1h | DramaRomance | TV Series (2020– )IMDB Rating 5.9*

This is a web series based on a book called Masterpiece. There is no doubt that it has been composed very strongly and binds it from the very first episode. The search for a girl to find a good bride has been no less exciting in any era. A suitable boy carries that thrill and romance together.

Stars: Tanya ManiktalaIshaan KhattarMahira Kakkar

14. Indian Matchmaking – 12 | Reality-TVRomance | TV Series (2020– )IMDB Rating 6.2*

In this reality series of Netflix India Original series, see how many new-age Indian youth expect how difficult it is to find a suitable boy and a suitable girl from their life partner.

Stars: Sima TapariaVyasar M. GanesanPradhyuman Maloo

15. Bombay Begums – 15 | 50min | Drama | TV Series (2021– )IMDB Rating 5.0*

This story of rising women in the corporate world gets stuck on Me-Two. She reinforces the notion that every woman successful in corporate has a me-to behind her. Even if he did not open his mouth. Alankrita Srivastava has made serious female discourse films, but this time he joined hands with the market. Bombay Begums revolves around the things of woman and body.

Stars: Pooja BhattShahana GoswamiAmruta Subhash

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16. Zindagi inShort (2020) – 16 | 1h 56 min | ComedyDramaRomance | 19 February 2020 (India)IMDB Rating 7.2*

Stories are changing their size, type and extent in the digital age. The first story of Zindagi In Short compilation is Chhajju’s Dahi Bhalla, a passionate story of a middle-class family girl finding her partner on Tinder as soon as she gets her first mobile. After the match, the chat takes place and then the two decide to meet. The two also arrive at a fixed place together. Both of them decided the name but the place? This is the real twist of this story.

Stars: Aisha AhmedAkash DabasDeepak Dobriyal

17. Bard Of Blood – 15 | 45min | ActionAdventureDrama | TV Series (2019– )IMDB Rating 6.8*

Netflix Original Bard Of Blood web series produced by Shahrukh Khan. The story of the web series is that some secret agents of India have been caught by the Taliban in Balochistan.In such a situation, the Chief (Rajit Kapoor) of IIW (Indian Intelligence Wing) India wants to save the lives of other agents by sending his old and best agent to Balochistan.But the past of this old agent Kabir Anand (Emraan Hashmi) is coming in the way of this mission. Now, Kabir will go on mission and if he does, what will he do in his cause…

Stars: Emraan HashmiSobhita DhulipalaJaideep Ahlawat

18. Lava Ka Dhaava – Game-ShowReality-TV | TV Series (2021– )

Actor Jaaved Jaafferi brings his signature humor to this Hindi dubbing of the show where teams creatively navigate rooms flooded with make-believe lava.

Star: Javed Jaffrey

19. Masaba Masaba – 15 | 50min | ComedyDrama | TV Series (2020– )IMDB Rating 6.7*

Web series Masaba Masaba has been produced by Netflix India. The story of the series is inspired by the major events of her life by well-known actress Neena Gupta and her daughter Masaba Gupta. The first episode of Masaba Masaba begins with a ‘Blind Item’ in a publication that points to a rift in Masaba and Vinay’s (Satyadeep Mishra) wedding. By the way, Masaba and Satyajit are also good friends in Real Life. Masaba has separated from her husband Madhu Mantena.

Stars: Masaba GuptaNeena GuptaNeil Bhoopalam

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We hope that you would have liked the list of this Hindi web series list and you have sign up a subscription to Netflix.

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