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Atrocities on animals for leather have been debatable for a long time. Many people and big companies are trying to find out the alternative to leathers which is totally cruelty free. Eventually the 2 entrepreneurs from Mexico innovate a natural way to create leather by using cactus. They challenged the quality of leather looks and feel like the real one.

We at THE VIRAL TAKE always support all initiatives that done for nature and humanity. We believe the right to live life belongs to humans as much as animals do.

© desserto.com
© desserto.com

Adrián López Velarde and Marte Cázarez have developed a perfect solution to transforming cactus into vegan leather named Desserto.


Entrepreneurs said in an interview, after the lot of brainstorming they discovered cactus is the most abundant plant in Mexico. Cactus is good for skin and does not require lot of water. Also it’s absorbs carbon dioxide which is good for environment.

  • Now the next things comes our mind that killing plants?

Adrian and Marte said, they only cut the matured leaves of the plants that helps to grow new leaves. It’s just like haircut according to them.

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From this innovation we can get organic, biodegradable and durable vegan leather which it last upto 10 years.

© desserto.com
© desserto.com
© desserto.com

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