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Creative marketing is a world where you have to present your goods in a unique way in a few seconds. You must have seen a lot of ads on buses.

For some genius,Bus’ is a moving platform where you can easily deliver your goods to the people.  In view of 44 such advertisements which have succeeded in getting the attention of people due to great creativity, you are presented in front of you.

1. Copenhagen Zoo: Wouldn’t you be afraid?

Source: Bates Y&R

2. National Geographic and Shark

Source: unknown

3. Netflix: It’s “Strange”

Source: Cantioy87

4. King Kong (Film) Premiere

5. Are you ready?

Source: BoredPanda

6. Vote!

Source: Uncle Grey

7. Accordian World Championship 

Source: franknystuen

8. Lamp of Aladdin

Source: vectormedia

9. Advertisement of Canadian Colorectal Cancer Association

Source: Ogilvy

10. Arts University Bournemouth: Boombox Bus

Source: Creative Forager

11. Specsavers: Save the Bus from Accident

Source: Smart

 12. Appeal of International Migration Organization

Source: McCann

13. Duracell

Source: Boredpanda

14. The appeal of compassion in the import and export of live animals

Source: Elvis

15. Perth Zoo: Before the zoo comes to you, you come to the zoo 

Source: The Brand Agency

16. Keep Holland Clean Foundation: Unique Appeal to Clean

Source: GREY Amsterdam

17. Careerbuilder.com: Don’t Jump, We Are 

Source: The Martin Agency

18. Nice Legs

Source: BoredPanda

19. 18. Sir who baffles you!

Source: BoredPanda

20. Dallas Morning News: More Reporters, More Reporting

Source: BoredPanda

21. Copenhagen Zoo: Panda’s Landed

Source: Advice A/S

22. Dr. Best Flexible Toothbrush

Source: Kim Sokola&Julia Neumann

23.  Bad weather but perfect timing

Source: Mocomedia

24. Promotion of Food Festival

Source: TBWA

25.  What is visible is not happening

Source: mikebarti

26. Promoting the bus on the bus

Source: Neue Lgk

27. Battery-powered energy

Source: Robson Brown Ltd

28. Tierotos Dog Food  

Source: Source: BoredPanda

29. Skating Festival begins in Munich  

Source: Kit Walker Associates

30. Do not enter the doors

Source: DDB Barcelona

31. If the detergent is ad  

Source: Source: BoredPanda

32.  Stay Pair  

Source: Draft, New Zealand

33. Come visit the zoo  

Source: /hireimagination

34.  Toy Bus 

Source: BoredPanda

35. Flexible loan  

Source: I.D.E.A.S

36.  Ad Blockers Ad

Source: &Co

37. Just a byte

Source: BoredPanda

38. Wallet

39. Canon’s Bus Advertisement

Source: BoredPanda

40. Complete Transparent

Source: bigpicture

41. Starting from bus near Potawatomi Zoo

Source: extracreditprojectsReport

42. Eyes

43. Compassion In World Farming: Stop Live Exports

Source: Elvis

44. Topfit

Source: Topfit

Hope that after seeing these ads, it will break all creativity barriers.

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