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The Parliament of India is often in the limelight due to noise and political enthusiasts. But the story of the Parliament House which has preserved many historical events within itself is also very interesting. It will be very interesting for you to know that the building of the Parliament of India is known as the finest architecture structure in the world.

We at THEVIRALTAKE coming up with the historical facts from the construction of Parliament House that are hardly known. The central hall of Parliament House from which many big leaders made their historical statements, whether it is Nehru ji or the present PM Modi, is also very exciting.

1. Parliament house was built in 83 lakhs

The first brick of the foundation of Parliament House was laid on 12 February 1921, it cost 6 years and 83 lakh rupees for its construction.

Source: Pinterest
2. Cheapest canteen

Food is available in Parliament canteen for only 12 rupees.

Source: India
The Indian Express
3. Importance of Central Hall

Prior to 14–15 August 1947, the transfer of power from UK to India from this hall.

Source: India Today
4. Library of Parliament is also special

The Library of Parliament is the second largest library in the country, the first National Library is in Kolkata.

VIP Entrance to Parliament Library Building
5. The Supreme Court of the country was in the Central Hall

Yes, after independence, until the construction of the new Supreme Court building, the Supreme Court of the country used to run in the Central Hall itself.

Central Hall
6. Hand written constitution is safe here

A handwritten copy of the Constitution of India in Hindi and English in the Library of Parliament is kept here in a chamber filled with nitrogen gas.

The Better India
7. Why are the structures of a parliamentary building circular?

The circular structure of Parliament is a symbol of continuity, this structure shows that this power will remain and will never end.

8. There are 144 pillars on the first floor of Parliament
Another view of the sandstone columns of Parliament
9. Both houses are built on horse’s foot structure
Lok Sabha Structure
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