A Real Life Mermaid Who Can Hold Breath For 5 Minutes In Ocean – TVT

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  • Melissa Dawn was heavily influenced by mythical creatures stories since childhood. She got changed her name legally called Mermaid Melissa.
  • She is an aquatic performer who practices daily by holding breath for 5 minutes.
Source: Yahoo News NZ

We have all heard the stories of water fairies in childhood. But till date no one has been able to find out whether water fairies really happen. Many people have claimed that they have seen the real mermaids and have taken a pictures and videos of it.

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

We at THEVIRALTAKE will tell you about the real life water angel and you will be surprised to see her floating in sea. Mermaid Melissa grew up in coastal Saint Augustine in Florida, USA, at the age of just 12 she could live under water for two and a half minutes. According to a research, an adult cannot stop breathing for more than 40 seconds.

Source: Dailymail.uk

Melissa loved the Disney classic ‘The Little Mermaid’ since childhood. She loved to interact with marine life and mermaid lifestyle.

Source: Dailymail.uk

Melissa says that she wants to live her whole life like a mermaid and the ocean is its new world.

Source: Dailymail.uk

There are few people in the world who are given some different powers by God. Mermaid Melissa is also one of them.

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