A photographer who clicked the eyes of animals closely, 30 pics you will drown in them

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The best moment for a photographer is when he gets the best shot to click. And when it comes to wildlife photography, it is the most beautiful moment of his life.
One such lucky wildlife photographer, Suren Manvelyan, is the one who got the opportunity to observe animals closely and shoot them. He took micro-shots of the eyes of such animals, which if you look carefully, you will get into those eyes.

#1 Lama

Source: SurenManvelyan

#2 Husky Dog

Source: SurenManvelyan

#3 Alaskan Malamute

Suren Manvelyan told in an interview to a famous magazine that he had made a series on human eyes before making a series of animal eyes. He also told that people also contact him to shoot their pet’s eyes.

#4 Long-Eared Owl

5 Tokay Gecko

#6 Nylus Crocodile

#7 Horse

#8 Rockfish Eye

#9 Blue-Yellow Macaw Parrot

#10 Porcupine Fish

#11 Hippo

#12 Camel

#13 Chinchilla

#14 Fennec Fox

#15 Armenian Mouflon

#16 Crane

#17 Black Rabbit

#18 Ray

#19 Anolis Lizard

#20 Gecko Eublepharis

#21 Chimpanzee

#22 Husky Dog

#23 Cat

#24 Blue Crayfish

#25 Garden Boa, Python

#26 Tiger Python (Non Albino)

#27 Discus Fish

#28 Coral Zebra Fish

#29 Siam Cat

#30 David’s Deer

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Suren Manvelyan recently posted on facebook that he is going to teach photography. If you want, you can contact him on facebook personally and learn some photography tips from him.

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