After “Black Panther” And “Golden Tiger”, Now Yellow Frog’s Viral Video Surprised Us – TVT

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‘Black Panther’ and ‘Golden Tiger’ already made the world amazed. Now the year 2020 once again surprised people. This time the viral video of yellow frogs enjoying in rains at Narsinghpur, Madhya Pradesh.

The viral video was shared by Indian Forest Officer Parveen Kaswan and wrote, Have you ever seen Yellow frogs. Also in this number. They are Indian #bullfrog seen at Narsinghpur. They change to yellow during monsoon & for attracting the females. Just look how they are enjoying rains.

Soon after sharing this video has goes viral on several social media platform. Yellow frog video garnered over one lakh views on twitter. People also made very interesting comments by watching this viral video

It will be very interesting to see what else we are going to see this year 2020.

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