Amazing Fact: The Most Expensive Fruits In The World That You May Have To Sell Your House To Buy

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Eating fruits is important for good health. We all eat too. But the price of these fruits is never more than 100-200 rupees per kg. Have you ever thought of eating mango worth Rs 37 lakh and strawberry worth Rs 3 lakh? You must be thinking how crazy it is. Is such an expensive fruit good anywhere? Believe it or not and people have bought it. Today we at THE VIRAL TAKE are going to tell amazing fact of World’s most expensive fruits.

1. World’s most expensive Mango

In 2010, a tray of 12 mangoes was sold in Australia for Rs 37,23,127. Carlo Lorenti, owner of Clayfield Markets Fresh, one of Australia’s largest green grocery firms, bought these mangoes during an auction in Brisbane, according to The Economic Times report. Let me tell you, the auction of mangoes in Australia in this way has been going on since 1998.

2. Densuke Watermelon

‘Densuke’ watermelon is a very rare variety of fruit grown in Hokkaido, Japan. Its skin is black, with no stripes. Also, its taste is sweeter than the fruits of other local varieties grown around the world. According to The Economic Times, due to its limited availability, this fruit is always sold at a high price. But in 2014, a piece of Densuke watermelon was sold for Rs 3,27,262.

3. Yubari King Melon

Yubari King Kharbuza is a very special type of melon found in Japan. There is a lot of demand for it in Japan. According to The Economic Times, in the year 2018, this melon was auctioned for Rs 21,81,752.

4. Strawberry Gigantella Maxim

If you are surprised to hear the price of mango, gourd and melon so far, then knowing the price of this strawberry is going to shock you. According to The Economic Times, British scientists created a new variety of strawberries, which they named Gigantella Maxim. The size of each strawberry of this species is equal to that of a tennis ball. In the year 2017, a person in Britain bought this strawberry for Rs 3,27,262.

5. Ruby Roman Grapes

Another rare and expensive fruit from Japan is the ruby ​​Roman grape. It is considered the most expensive grape. It is much larger in size than mango grapes. In 2016, a bunch of Ruby Roman grapes were sold in a city in Japan for Rs 10,87,153.

Source: Gqindia

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