Best 5 Free And Safest Crypto Wallets App In 2021

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Are you just tipping your toes into crypto world? well if so, I have to let you know about the one tired yet undeniable truth. NOT YOUR KEYS NOT YOUR CRYPTO !!

Yes taking soft custody of your coins is the ultimate form of control that you have your financial freedom. Therefore choosing the right wallet is perhaps one of the most important decisions you have to make. Not only it will be supersecure but you have ensure it user friendly and functional too. And also completely free. Which free wallet you should consider, in this blog we will tell you the top most secure, trusted and user friendly crypto wallet 2021.

Why Use A Crypto Wallet App?

Most newcomers in cryptocurrency world simply deposit their dollars on an exchange, trade crypto and leave it there. But here’s is the main issue: That means you are not the right owner of your crypto, you have given fully control and ownership of your cryptos to exchange. That’s because they hold the private keys phrase.

That means all you own is an IOU from that crypto exchange. That’s a drag if the exchange exit-scams or is hacked. Yes, which will sound like paranoia but history has shown that these are very real risks faced by crypto holders.

So the lesson to learn here so if you don’t hold your private keys to your crypto you really don’t own it and you relying on that exchange. So only solution to get back control you need a safest crypto wallet.

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1️⃣ Exodus Wallet 1️⃣

This multi-crypto wallet is out there on both mobile and desktop. It supports over 100 crypto assets. Exodus’ interface are often summed up in one word: Beautiful.

Another benefit is that Exodus also offers free 24/7 customer support. That’s pretty useful for crypto newbies eager to ask questions.

Exodus also has an in-built crypto exchange that permits you trade over 100 cryptos. The wallet also offers a number of apps which enable you to earn interest on those crypto assets. Another key feature is that Exodus offers upgradable security via its integration with Trezor.

2️⃣ Trust Wallet 2️⃣

This mobile wallet sports an integrated DApp browser which may be wont to interact with any decentralized application – pretty useful for DeFi degens.

The app is additionally open sourced, which suggests that the community can inspect that code and confirm everything is so as . Trust wallet also supports staking for a couple of major cryptos too.

But what crypto assets are you able to store? overflow 160,000 crypto assets are supported which includes ERC-721 and ERC-1155 tokens. this suggests that it’s the right wallet to store these NFTs too. Another nifty feature is that you simply can purchase crypto together with your card through the wallet too.

3️⃣ Atomic Wallet 3️⃣

This wallet comes with a tremendous looking interface and offers both mobile and desktop versions. Those into privacy are going to be happy about the wallet having no accounts, no verification and no KYC for basic wallet features. All meaning that you simply can use this wallet anonymously.

Atomic also features a inbuilt crypto exchange with 60 crypto pairs. Another key feature is that the sizable amount of coins you’ll stake here.

In terms of coin support, over 300 coins and tokens are often stored.

4️⃣ MetaMask 4️⃣

This wallet are often used as a browser extension on the likes of Google Chrome, Brave Browser and FireFox. It acts sort of a quite bridge between web browsers and therefore the Ethereum blockchain.

That means that if you would like to store a bunch of coins from different blockchains then this wallet isn’t for you (supports only ERC20)

However, it’s perfect for interacting with all those dapps within the Ethereum ecosystem.

5️⃣ Coinomi 5️⃣

This multi-crypto wallet has both desktop and mobile versions and supports over seventeen hundred different cryptocurrencies. that creates it perfect for anyone dabbling in exotic altcoins.

Another draw is that the fact there’s no KYC, no IP association, no identity linking, no transaction linking and Conomi’s servers even anonymize your transaction requests by hiding your IP address from would be snoopers.

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