Boiling River Where You Can Fry Egg And Make Green Tea From It’s water – TVT

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  • Is a boiling river possible?

This is absolutely true, it is the only river in the world whose water boils. It’s a river in the Amazon jungle that is boiling. This is one of the most unique thing that it is hard to believe. This can be dangerous if a person falls into this river. The most surprising thing is that animals also die in this river.

We at THEVIRALTAKE brought this surprising story for you to get chilled. This boiling river is not a hot for spring or volcano, it’s glacier water heated from the bottom of mother earth. The radius of 7 k.m of this peru’s river in jungle that will blow your mind. The temperature of this river remains up to 100 degrees celcius, in which you can boil and fry eggs, even make green tea with this water.

In winter, this river water is the perfect time for Jacuzzi 🙂

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