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The use of smartphones has increased by 12 percent during lockdown, but with the help of smartphones, the corona virus can also spread. In such a situation, we have brought the answer to your every question.

Smartphones have become the electronic gadgets that are used the most. Corona virus infection is spreading worldwide and people have been asked to take special care of cleanliness. Apart from the habit of repeatedly washing hands, it is important that your smartphone is also clean. Actually, smartphones are called ‘germ magnets’ and if the study is to be believed then the virus can persist for hours on smartphones. A recent research has shown that corona virus can also be alive on smartphones for 96 hours. In such a situation, there will be many questions in your mind, whose answers we have brought.

How much risk of virus on smartphone?

Corona virus infection will be caused by using a smartphone. The devices can easily work like a carrier. For example, touching your face or eyes after touching a smartphone of a corona-infected person can cause infection. Just as there is a risk of viruses on the door handles and buttons of ATM machines, smartphones can also help spread the virus and act like carrier.

What to keep in mind while using a smartphone?

Due to Coronavirus infection it is important to keep some things in mind while using smartphones. Try not to use someone else’s phone and do not give your smartphone to anyone else. If you have gone outside, if not necessary, not to take out your smartphone from the pocket Also avoid not to use common charging ports these days. Do not use smartphone directly after meeting someone or coming from outside and also take care of its cleanliness.

How to keep your smartphone corona virus free?

To Disinfect the smartphone. You can take the help of a cleaning liquid and a mobile cleaning wipe can also be used. You can use isopropyl solution on smartphones. The device can be wiped without rubbing with the help of microfiber. If you wish, while going out, take the device in a sealed plastic bag and dispose the bag. The best option is to clean the phone with the help of UV light and in doing so 99.99 percent of the germs die.

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