Fidya: This Is Big Part Of Muslim Culture Sadly Goes Unnoticed, Media Only Focuses On What’s Bad – TVT

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Fidya is like a tax or we can say compensation for not fasting. It only happens one month of every year in Ramadan. Billions of muslims around the world fasting these days in the month of Ramadan.

In Islam fasting is compulsory (Farz) for every muslim. But not everyone cast fast, Some people who are unable to fast due to some difficulties like health issues, elderly, pregnant women or travelling so instead for fasting they have to pay compensation named Fidya.

Source: Muslim Charity.

There are many ways of fulfilling fidya by feeding the poor – as Allah (SWT) said “And as for those who can fast with difficulty, they have to feed a poor person” [Al-Qur’an 2:184].

  • The Fidya amount can be calculated based on the local price of 1.5 kg of wheat or rice. In U.S its approx. at least 10$ per day, a cost of one meal.
  • An idea behind is to take this money to feed people with no money. It collects millions of dollars every year in a month of Ramzan, so no one should go hungry.
  • In Fidya tax, its very simple, its goes from some that has food to someone who needs food.

It was important for us to tell you about Fidya tax that nobody tells us good things about Islam. It is just a small amount but this small amount goes to feed millions of people right now during Ramadan 2020.

The best part of Fidya tax is if you give them food to break their fast you’ll also get the reward.

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