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You will find many useful and non-useful apps in the Google play store. But there are some amazing apps like Google Calendar that you must keep in your phone. It does not just give just Eid and Diwali holidays notification like normal calendars do, but is also equipped with many more features.

You will definitely find Google Calendar App in most of the celebrities’ phones, which makes their daily life much easier. Whether you are in any industry, this app will definitely reduce your work pressure.

We at THEVIRALTAKE will tell you how G Calendar and their features can become your true partner in life.

1. Through this Google Calendar, you will never forget anyone’s birthday, your wedding anniversary, holidays or any important date that makes your loved ones feel special and you’ll never miss an opportunity to celebrate. For more details click

Source: Google Support

2. At the time of this corona epidemic, the world is working from home, #GCal app is proving very beneficial. Through GCal app you can set up world clock time zone and line up meetings across multiple timezone. This app will alert you according to the time of your meetings all over the world. Finally no more googling what time is it in Singapore ! Game changer. For details click

Source: Medium

3. From Google Calendar you can set up a face to face remote meeting. Add video call features and Google will set up your audio video call for your attendees.
For more details click

Source: Swamp-Side Studio

4. With Gcal app, you can also attach relevant documents to your events so in this way you can make the necessary points of your meetings. Now there is no need to find the folder of your documents at the time of your meeting. For more details click

Source: Division of Information Technology

5. Now through Google Calendar you can set the locations of your scheduled meetings, instead of having the back and forth. You can also share your event details with the concern person. For more details click

Source: Things Dave

6. Google Calendar is different with its looks. You can design your calendar looks and colors according to your needs. For details Click


Google Calendar is a magical invention for everyone, whether it is a celebrities, politicians, businessman or job occupation, anyone can use this app to manage his work accordingly.

By clicking on this link, you can download this app directly in your phone

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