Google Fact Check, Now You Will No Longer Be Caught In The Trap Of Any Fake News

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Google has finally take an initiative against fake news spread on the Internet and social media platform. Now Google itself will tell you whether the news you are reading is right or wrong. For this, Google has announced a new tool Google Fact Check. After doing a fact check, this tool of Google will also tell the source where the fact check has been done.

Although Google first introduced Fact Check to identify fake news in the US and UK, but now it has been started all over the world.

Google does not do fact checking by its own, but they will take help from third party. Google Fact Checker is taking help from organizations like PolitiFact and Snopes. In Google search result, you will see ‘Fact Check’ label, which will tell whether the news is right or wrong. However, this will not affect the Google ranking of a website as ranking depends on SEO.

Google has said in its blog that the result of fact check will not be found in all search results at the moment, because the results can be different if the same result is checked by many institutions. Our objective in developing this tool is to give the right results to the users.

Using the Google Fact Check Tool

Now anyone can verify any news with the help of Google Fact Checker whether it is right or wrong.

Launch the Google Fact Check Tool here.

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