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You must have seen a lot of amazing things in the world. But have you ever seen a strange restaurant around the world?

We at THEVIRALTAKE will tell you about weird restaurants in the world, where you will definitely want to go once in life.

#1 Modern Toilet Restaurant (Taiwan)

Source: Eater

This is a strange restaurant in Taiwan, which is a toilet theme and also serve food on toilet lookalike dishes. It is a center of attraction for people to see. A lot of people shared their experience to visit this strange restaurant. Let’s look through the pictures.

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

#2 lainio Snow Village Ice Restaurant, Finland

Source: Upsider

Snow Village Ice restaurant fully created by snow and ice. To go to this restaurant you will have to wear warm clothes because the walls and floors of this restaurant are all made of snow. The normal temperature of this restaurant is -6 degrees. Let’s see how people enjoyed going to this restaurant.

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

#3 Vampire Cafe- Tokyo, Japan.

Source: Pinterest

This is one of the scariest, spookiest and unique restaurant in Tokyo, Japan. It is written outside this café that weak-hearted people should not come inside this cafe because this restaurant is based on the vampire theme and food is also presented in a frightening manner.

Source: Trip Advisor
Source: Favy

#4 Robot Restaurant, Japan.

Source: Japan Forward

Robot restaurant is quite different and interesting in itself. In this restaurant robots take food orders and also do food serves.

Source: Trends|WikiTrends
Remotely controlled robots OriHime-D, developed by Ory Lab Inc. to promote employment of disabled people, serve customers at a cafe in Tokyo, Japan November 26, 2018. REUTERS/Issei Kato

#5 Dinner In The Sky, Dubai.

Source: Dinnerinthesky.ae

There are many restaurants in the world where you can enjoy dining in the air through a crane. This is one of the most fascinating dining experience in Dubai.

#6 Fish Cafe, Vietnam

Source: Saigoneer

This fish café has its own identity that enhances the beauty of Vietnam. People come from far away to enjoy this café. This cafe has 4 storeys and Fish floating in water will be seen on the two floors above this café.

Source: Asia Cafe

#7 Naked Restaurant, United Kingdom

You have to strip off your clothes to eat food. Yes, you heard it right, you have to be naked to eat in this amazing restaurant in London. To go to this amazing restaurant, you have to make advance booking. Everyone should take the experience of this restaurant once.

Source: The Mirror
Source: The Guardian

#8 Wine Cafe, Japan

Source: Twitter

Just imagine if you go to drink wine and you get a bath in wine, how will it feel? The wine café located in Japan is famous all over the world. In this café you can float in wine and fresh wine is also serves for you to drink.

Source: Pinterest

#9 Cabbages & Condoms Cafe, Bangkok

The condoms is the theme of this restaurant. This cafe is decorated with colorful condoms which depicts its beauty.

Source: Culture Trip

Hopefully you will know about the strange restaurant of the world. Now whenever you go to these cities, sure enjoy once.

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