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There are some lucky people feel sleepy as soon as they lie in bed. On the other hand some people cut the roof all night long and do not sleep. Such people, who keep changing the sides for sleep all night, know how much stress causes the problem of not sleeping at night.

But apart from giving you fatigue and sluggishness, sleeping early is also considered good for health. William Winter, MD, author of the famous book ‘The Sleep Solution: Why Your Sleep Is Broken and How to Fix It’, said in an interview to an English newspaper , “Inadequate and light sleep can adversely affect the organ system of the body. Due to less sleep we eat more and eat harmful things for health. They also affect our digestive system, heartbeat, hypotension, diabetes and the immune system. “

We at ‘TheViralTake’ suggesting some great scientific methods, so you can get to know how to sleep fast & deep sleep quickly so that you can feel refreshed throughout the day.


1 . Make distance from mobile and TV

Source: Cleveland Clinic

Watching TV or surfing phone before bedtime or staying on mobile has become a common part of life nowadays, yes you can watch TV, you can use mobile too but when you go to sleep then stop watching TV and mobile Keep far away from yourself, yes you can read any book, it will make you sleep too fast.

2. 30 second formula

Source: The Ladders

This is the best technique for fast sleep, but while doing this, all you have to do is to make sure that it is the correct ratio and take deep breaths and leave. By doing this technique, the rate of heart rate is reduced and the brain is also calm. With this, you can calm down and sleep in 30 seconds. To perform the technique, the first thing you have to do is to exhale through your mouth while making a hoarse sound. And then close the mouth and breathe slowly through the nose. Hold your breaths until you count 7. Now keep on exhaling from your mouth until you count to eight. Breathe again. Do this only 3 times.

3. Take a shower at night

Source: The Healthy

If you are fond of bathing in the morning then you need to think about your daily routine. There is strong evidence that if you clean yourself at the end of the day, it can help you get better sleep. But its key is hidden in doing it at the right time.

4. Drink milk before bedtime

Source: Sleep Sugar

Your grandmother knew this thing before you. So she used to give you a glass of warm milk before going to bed to sleep. Milk contains a protein called alpha-lactalbumin (α-lactalbumin). A large amount of the amino acid tryptophan is found in this protein, which produces melatonin, the same hormone that helps us sleep.

5. Stop using sleep tracker

Source: How To Geek

Nowadays a large number of youth are using sleep tracker to find out their sleep quality. 10 percent of the total youth population in the US is regularly using fitness or sleep trackers.

Most of the youth are using it to find out what they are actually doing when they are deep asleep. It is possible that you think that it is very important to get good sleep, whereas it is not.

6. Do not keep your room dark at all.

Source: Shutterstock

Do not keep it dark at bedtime, it should be light up for which you can use 0 volt bulb.

Note: All this information are just a suggestion, the use of which will greatly benefit you. If you still cannot get rid of the problem of sleep then consult a doctor.

7. Flapping eyelids.

Source: Sleep Flawless

Open and close your eyelids very quickly, this will make your eyelids slightly heavier and you will fall asleep quickly.

8. Can listen to light music.

Source: Psychological Today

If you are sad for music, you can listen to light music before bedtime, music should be light along with volume light. This will cause you to freshen up and sleep soon.

9. Avoid stress

Source: The Independent

Many times sleep does not come because the problems of office, our business etc. keep wandering in our mind, and our mind constantly keeps thinking about it, due to which we do not have sleep or come in a long time, but it breaks again and again. The solution is that whatever problem you have, write them on a paper and write in front of it that I will think about it in the morning. It seems minor to read, but in fact, by doing this again and again, these tips will help you a lot in getting sleep.

10. Determine the time to sleep and wake up.


I hope you must have fallen asleep reading this or you must have sleepy. Good Night 🙂

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