How To Take Advantage Of DIP In the Cryptocurrency Market ?

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đŸ€”What is meant Dip in crypto market đŸ€”
In cryptocurrency, the dip is defined as a sudden and sustained drop by price.This is a vast definition because whether or not a cryptocurrency is dipping really depends on its general volatility.

During a Bull Run just like the one we’re in now, it’s normal for Bitcoin’s price to travel up or down by 5 percent per day and go up or down by 10 percent or more on a weekly basis.

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For altcoins, it’s normal their prices to vary by quite 10 percent per day, and that they can easily gain or lose quite 20 percent of their value hebdomadally .

🔎What Causes Dips?🔎
This is important to understand if you’re trying to shop for the dip, because watching the worth charts alone won’t offer you enough context to form the proper call.

The problem with identifying causes in crypto is that it’s very rare that you simply can definitively point to one factor.

Usually there are multiple factors causing a dip, and every of those often cause overlapping chains of events which will become a vicious feedback circuit .

👛Altcoin Dips👛

As many of you already know, altcoins are highly correlated to Bitcoin.This is important to recollect during dips because no amount of bullish news can save your altcoin if Bitcoin is in freefall.

Altcoins are more volatile than Bitcoin, and this suggests that whenever Bitcoin dips and decimates altcoins, the profits you’ll get from buying the dip are going to be even larger for altcoins.

This is because they’re going to rebound far more aggressively than Bitcoin once it finishes dipping and BTC dominance returns to its downtrend.

đŸ˜±How Low Will The Dip Go?đŸ˜±

Again, tons of this may depend upon the factors that are causing the dip, and there’s no way of knowing needless to say where rock bottom of the dip actually is.

However, there are not any shortage of tools you’ll use to estimate how deep a dip could get, and every one of those are often found on the trading terminals of your favorite cryptocurrency exchanges.

If the whole crypto market is dipping, then your main area of focus should be the BTC/USD chart albeit you don’t hold any BTC. Identify levels of support on the weekly timeframe to ascertain where it could fall.

đŸ€‘How and when you buy for The DipđŸ€‘

The daily time frame typically offers the simplest viewpoint for purchasing the dip. like the weekly timeframe, the primary thing to seem for is visible signs of support.

The thanks to spot these zones of support is by watching where prices have clustered within the past, and this is often often much easier to try to to on the daily timeframe.

When you combine the EMA, Bollinger Bands, and RSI, you ought to get a transparent picture of whether you’re at rock bottom of the dip within the short term.

You can countercheck to form sure the dip is basically over by using the MACD and trading volume. The MACD should show a trend reversal and sometimes you’ll spot it within the trading volume also .

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