If You Want To Propose Your Love, Then These Places Will Make Your First Kiss Romantic And Memorable

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If you have a girlfriend or life partner, with whom you want to travel the world, then it is definitely necessary to go to these places once. These are some places where you will start loving your partner more. Kissing in these places is every couple’s dream. So what are these places, let’s take a look at it.

1. Kiribati

Hardly anyone could describe the beauty of this place. Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, this island is no less than a paradise. If you plan your romantic vacation at this place, then your girlfriend will not be able to live without kissing you.

2. The Kissing Bench

In our country it is forbidden to kiss at a public place, but a bench at Syracuse University in America is made to kiss. If no couple kisses here then they are left with them. Well you do not panic, go there and kiss openly. And let me tell you one thing, there is no better place than public place to kiss.

3. Ellis Island

At one time this place was called America’s Gate. The reason for this was that every ship that came to America used to come to the built harbor here. Today, this place has got the status of one of the most romantic cities in America, where every couple wants to kiss once.

4. The Rodin Museum

You will feel that how a museum can be a romantic place, if you have such a question in your mind, then read about this place on the Internet. This museum was rebuilt in the 19th century. This museum has been built for romance only. So understand why this museum is romantic.

5. The Bridge of Sighs

Courtesy: Samantha Silovic

By the way, there are many cities in Italy which are quite romantic. But the thing about Venezia city is different. The Bridge of Sighs built in this city is considered auspicious for couples. People say that if you kissed at the Bridge of Sighs while the sun sets, then your life will be very romantic.

6. The Ferris Wheel

Courtesy: fevim.com

The Santa Monica Pier, built on the coast of the Pacific Territory, is a perfect place to love. Amusement Park, built here, is crowded by lovers. The Ferris Wheel is a part of it. To swing your partner on the swing, there is often a long line here.

7. Alley of the Kiss

Courtesy: Living+Nomads

In the city of Guanajuato, tourists come to Kiss in Mexico. In the guide of this city, you will get to read the story of a loving couple. According to this, kissing on a stairway in the street of the city gives good luck of 15 years and curse of 7 years if you did not do so. So by going here you will definitely kiss.

8. The Kissing Bridge

Courtesy: BlogTo

Seeing this bridge built in 1881, you will not feel romantic at all. But the lights inside this bridge made of the shape of a house will make you crazy. It will make you excited to see your partner in those fabulous lights. And I can bet that you will kiss and sit.

9. The Empire State Building

Courtesy: Pinterest

To see this building and climb this skyscraper, tourists throng all day long. If you want to spend some time with your partner in peace, then go here for a while. The view from this building will make you kiss your partner.

10. Kingda Ka Rollercoaster

Courtesy: NPR

Scientists tell that if you do any three thing, then you love people around you more. In such a situation, kissing the height of this 45 storey Rollercoaster will be a different experience.

11. The Eiffel Tower

Courtesy: Pinterest

Going to this place, every couple wants to kiss once. This is a dream of every couple. The special thing about Paris is that here you will only get love all around.

12. Juliet’s Balcony

Courtesy: Reuters

How can it be a matter of love and not a matter of Romeo-Juliet. And where can any couple find a good place with Juliet’s Balcony to express their love. Kissing becomes a boss by going here!

13. Lovers Point

Courtesy: About France

A place on the West Coast of France is called Lovers Point. People come to see the sun rise at this place. You will be seen kissing the couples here on the first ray of the morning. And anyway, why not start the day with a kiss and what could be better than this.

14. Hôtel de Ville

Courtesy: Nigel Dickinson

Hotel Hôtel de Ville in Paris, the city of love, is one of the few places in the world where people want to come for their honeymoon. Yes, most tourists will find you in honeymoon mood at this place. The staff here asks you to kiss your partner as soon as you check in at this hotel. Why are you not fantastic?

15. Père Lachaise Cemetery

Courtesy: Britannica

This statue is considered to be a symbol of love. In olden times, couples would come here and first kiss this statue and then to their partner. But in 2011 it was covered with glass to save this statue. But even today, couples do not go without kissing after kissing the glass.

We hope that after the end of the Covid-19 epidemic, you will definitely want to go to these places with your partner.

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