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Two pet cats have been reported to be corona positive in New York City, USA. It is being told that they had this infection with the people of his home or neighborhood. After this news people started to panic. There were reports that people are leaving their pets in the shelter or on the way due to fear of corona. Not only this, even stray dogs who were roaming the street are afraid to feed them.

We at ‘The Viral Take’ ensure you how to protect your pet from Corona with these steps.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) but it is not required to do so. The CDC said,

‘We don’t want people to panic. Or start fearing your pets. Or run to get them tested. There is no evidence that animals are spreading this disease in humans. ‘

How to take care of pets from Coronavirus?

1) Treat your animals with normal, do not make a sudden distance from them. With this, they can come in stress. According to the report published in the New York Post, doctors believe that there should be no interaction between your pets and other people. This will protect them from infection.

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2) If you do not have an infection, then you can feed your animals free of cost. You can keep them with you like normal days. But if you have an infection, avoid touching animals. Give the responsibility of handling and feeding them to someone else at home.

3) According to the CDC, the risk of infection from animals to humans has been seen to be extremely low so far. In the pets where infection has been found, it has come from humans, according to such a study.

4) You do not have to do COVID testing of your animals. Testing of animals is advisable only when they have come in contact with an infected person and signs of illness are appearing in them.

5) If you have a dog in your house and you take him for a walk, then definitely take him for a walk. This is important for his health. But don’t let any other person rub your dog. Nor let other animals come close to it. Keep him and yourself at least six feet away from the rest. There is no denying the possibility that the virus may stick on their fur.

6) If you feel that your pet is showing signs of corona, then do not take it to the doctor yourself. Call first and get advice. If you have to see a doctor, then they will call you separately. This is necessary to prevent infection.

Coronavirus in animals

There was news from America earlier this month. That a tigress there has got corona virus infection. Four-year-old Malaysian tigress Nadia came to test positive. Now seven more animals have been found corona positive in Zoo of the Bronx city of America.

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