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Immunity keeps us safe from many diseases. There are many such minor diseases that our body itself deals with.

When the immune power in the body is weak, the effect of diseases is quick. In such a situation the body becomes weak and we start falling ill frequently.

Our immune system keeps us safe from many diseases. Immunity provides protection from many bacterial infections, fungal infections. From these things it becomes clear that the possibility of getting sick increases when the immune power is weak. In such a situation, it is very important that we maintain our immune power.

There can be many reasons for the weakening of immunity. Sometimes it is due to carelessness of food, sometimes due to wrong intoxication habits and sometimes it is also due to congenital weakness. Now the question arises that if the immune power becomes weak then what measures should be taken to increase it? Here are some such measures which you can try and increase your immunity within a week:

1. Green Tea / Black Tea

Both green tea and black tea are beneficial for the immune system, but drink only one to two cups of them in a day. Consumption in excess can cause harm.

2. Raw Garlic

Eating raw garlic is also helpful in boosting immunity. Adequate amounts of allicin, zinc, sulphur, selenium and vitamins A and E are found in it.

3. Curd

Consumption of curd also increases immune power. Along with this, it is also helpful in keeping the digestive system better

4. Oats

Fibers are found in sufficient quantity in oats. It also has anti-microbial properties. The intake of oats every day makes the immune system strong.

5. Vitamin-D

Vitamin D is very important for us. It gives strength to fight many diseases. Also, taking vitamin D is very important to keep bones strong and to keep away heart related diseases.

6. Lemons And Gooseberries

Vitamin C is very beneficial for protection from infectious diseases. Adequate vitamin C is found in lemons and gooseberries which is helpful in maintaining immunity.

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