Indian Guy Who took pictures of UFO Sightings, ALIEN, Become World Famous – TVT

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Recently the Pentagon has released a footage of 3 UFOs sightings claimed to have seen aliens and flying saucers (UFOs) in this video. It is being told that this video was made by pilots of the US Navy. The Pentagon has described the flying objects in this video as UFOs. Although this video is being told for the years 2004 and 2015. 

Have you ever experienced UFOs sightings? Maybe your answer is no. But such pictures are captured in the mobile camera of a boy from India, which has become deeply research for the whole world. The boy becomes world famous to seeing the UFOs. Two years ago Abhijeet of Shyam Nagar, Kanpur had taken pictures of UFOs and aliens on the terrace with his mobile phone. This news spread all over India.

The unidentified flying object (UFO), or flying sightings, was reported in Kanpur in June 2015. The surprising thing was that the UFO is visible only to the child who took her pictures from mobile three days ago. Not only this, the photo of Udantashtari (UFO) was also being captured in his mobile only.

Abhijeet told that he had seen UFOs several times within three days. Whenever he used to take pictures of the sky from his mobile, the UFO was clearly visible in it. At the same time, the family and people around also took a photo of Akash, but nothing like that appeared in their mobiles.

Abhijeet’s father Santosh Kumar Gupta told that he had taken many pictures with his son while going to terrace but nothing was seen in it. After this, he came to his room and Abhijeet stayed there. During this, Abhijeet took around 10 photos, out of which four UFOs were visible.

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