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Is the Covid-19 pandemic a threat to democracy?

We at THEVIRALTAKE raise this issue and asking this question because many such countries in the world have taken advantage of this epidemic and have ended their democracy. During this pandemic no one cares at all. We all are only interested in Covid-19, not justice not human rights nothing.

There are some countries using this Covid-19 pandemic as a threat and opportunities.

1. Hungary

Hungary become first country in the European Union to dismiss democracy!

Hungary is a democratic country in a European Union and in the middle of Covid-19 pandemic, the Prime Minister Viktor Orbán

gave himself emergency powers, that means he can do whatever he wants and no one can stop him. These powers, he can keep for as long as he wants.

2. Hong kong

As we all know that China has retained its authority over Hong Kong, but the people there consider themselves independent. China taking advantage of this pandemic and pass a law that allows it to finally control the city and no one can safely protest.

3. Azerbaijan

In Azerbaijan, during Covid-19 pandemic, the government put the opposition party in jail under the excuse of Coronavirus.


4. Jordan

Amid worldwide lockdown and in the middle of Covid-19 pandemic, Jordan banned newspapers just because they gave silly excuse that paper spread the Coronavirus. Yemen, Oman, Iran and Morocco did the same things. There is no evidence yet that paper transmits virus.

Source: Jordan News

As of now 84 countries now have emergencies laws to fight Covid-19. Some countries trying to use Covid-19 to grab more power that they will never give back. In Europe Hungary is the first country which got dictatorship and no one cares. The world stop paying attention in these news and media only focussing on the Covid-19. In Brazil, the environment minister was caught on camera saying, now that media is only talking about Covid-19, we need to use this moment of calm to change all the rules.

Covid -19 is darkness but it’s a dictator’s best friend. So that’s most important to stay safe and stay more aware around you.

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