Kim Jong-Un’s Sister Kim Yo-Jong is more cruel than Him, will be the first woman dictator – The Viral Take

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Kim Yong-jong, the sister of North Korean ruler Kim Jong-Un, is being seen as the second most important face in the country. On April 11, 2020, Kim Yo-jong was reintroduced as an Alternate Member in the Politburo of North Korea. Kim Yo-jong has also represented North Korea outside the country.

Let me tell you that some reports of Kim Jong Un’s health have come out. CNN, quoting US officials, has said in its report that Kim’s condition may be serious after heart surgery. However, this has not been independently confirmed.

According to the Daily Mail’s report, analyst Chong Seong Chang of Sejong Institute of South Korea says that Kim Jong Un’s sister is already playing an effective role in the government of North Korea.

According to The report, Kim Jong is believed to contribute a lot to his sister in preparing the image he has in the country and the world. Kim Yo-jong represented the North Korea contingent during the Winter Olympics in South Korea in 2018.

When South Korea protested against North Korea’s military exercises, Kim Yo-jong issued a public statement in March for the first time that South Korea was ‘barking like a scared dog’.

(Kim Yo-jong with South Korea President Moon Jae In in photo in 2018)

Kim Yo-jong had praised US President Donald Trump in March as Trump sent a letter to Kim Jong telling him that he hoped the two countries would maintain good bilateral relations. Trump also spoke of helping Korea with the Coronavirus epidemic.

Kim Jong Un’s sister also supported her at a twice-held summit with Donald Trump. According to a Guardian report, Leonid Petrov, a senior lecturer at the International College of Management in Sydney and North Korea affairs expert, says that Kim Yo-jong has direct access to Kim Jong Un and that Yo-jong would have a deep influence on him. Huh.

It is believed that Kim Jong Un’s sister is about 4 years younger than him. Both of them have studied only in Switzerland. However, the sister was seen as an exception in public events before 2010.

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