Watch Viral Video: Two Parrots, A Guitarist And A Great Musical Jam Session- TVT

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A guitarist in Mumbai took his time in lockdown as his audience during a jam session at home with two parrots. Jatin Talukdar had spent Sunday morning with his guitar by the window and was “randomly chanting a few ragas” when the two parrots came to meet him.

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I've always wanted to play an unplugged acoustic set, and i managed to play one, with two special guests who came to watch me perform! . . For the ones who follow my stories on Instagram, would know, how these beautiful souls came into my life! It's been a week, since these guys have been visiting me regularly, but somehow, i was a bit skeptical about their visit, as i ran out of their seeds. Today morning, i was randomly strumming few chords, and these guys surprised me with their visit! I continued playing, as it really caught their attention! I added few whistles, and it started to sound like a song! This felt like a real gig experience with a different audience altogether, where some people really get into the music, jam along, while others chill around, and enjoy the gig! It's very hard for me to express how it felt, when Jim came close to the sound hole, and started to jam along, as though he wanted add few of his parts too! I never imagined wild parrots to get so comfortable, and share such a deep connection! I mean, I've always made strong connections with people who are into music/arts! But this was a whole new experience altogether! I've named these guys Jim and Kairi, and i never expected to make such amazing friends in the lockdown! These guys aren't wild anymore, as they're a part of the family, and have brought a whole new level of happiness and positivity in our lives! Thanks to the universe, for sending such a beautiful gift of nature ❤️

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