Most Funny Online Class Memes Made Around The World

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Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic has knocked into the world, the entire life of people has been in turmoil. This has affected the elder one as well as the children. The trend of online classes became necessary for everyone during Lockdown.

As soon as the trend of online classes came into everyday life, the memes maker did not leave this topic. Online classes have also become a big problem for teachers and students too. Neither children are able to read comfortably in front of their parents and neither teachers.

Online class memes are going viral all over the world and people are enjoying them with great fun. We at The Viral Take curate some best online class memes, surely these funny memes will show the headache of teachers and students.

1. Don’t worry it’s online classes

2. Most important session in online classes

3. Alternate of class bunk these days

4. No more enthusiasm left for college studies

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5. Due to this, teachers remain in shock these days

6. Not sure about my future anymore.

7. Now has to bear two stresses in online classes

8. Backbenchers still exists in online classes

9. Needs to be taken very carefully

10. Teachers are facing more stress these days.

11. New excuses to bunk online class

12. This happens when you have joint family

13. Seriousless online classes

14. Wish Harry Potter had studied online, so the future of many children would not have deteriorated.

15. Tom And Jerry Memes

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