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Art captivates life. The Getty Museum is closed due to the lockdown in Los Angeles, so the management of this museum has given a challenge to people living alone in this environment to paint their lives. Creative people are reviving a historical picture or moment from the things lying in their room. This challenge is being liked by creative people from all over the world. People seek art work themselves and bring it into their lives. Your heart will be happy seeing pictures.

How are people doing?

Some rules have been made for this online challenge. Choose an artwork first. Find three items to recreate it in the second house and create the artwork and then post it on social media. People are imprisoned in homes, so they have little resources to create any art piece. Therefore, household items, toys, table-chairs and even pets are being used in this challenge.
According to a report, the art sector, like other sectors, is suffering a lot due to the worldwide lockdown. According to an estimate, the Metropolitan Museum of Art could suffer a loss of Rs 760 crore.

We at ‘The Viral Take’ inspired from this fun loving challenge and showcase some fun loving talented people around the world. Lets tune.

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