On The Request Of Sushant Singh’s fans, Famous Paranormal Expert Steve Huff Talks To Sushant’s soul ! – TVT

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Ever since Sushant Singh death, his fans have been fighting the battle to give justice to him. Well it is absolutely true that Sushant’s death has shocked everyone. There is only one thing in everyone’s mind, what was the reason behind when Sushant took such a big step.

To know the truth of Sushant’s death, Fans has approached the famous paranormal expert Steve Huff.  Steve Huff himself revealed that Sushant Singh’s fans had approached him to speak to #SushantSinghRajput soul.

Steve Huff invented a machine, where ye can connect with dead people. Steve claimed that he has spoken to the soul of Sushant Singh and he has also shared the whole conversation video with Sushant on Youtube.   

We cannot confirm the truth of this video, we can just pray that Sushant be happy wherever you are.

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