Panasonic Has Claimed That Their New Air Conditioner (AC) With Nanoe G & X Technology Comes With Anti Covid-19

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Japan’s no.1 AC company Panasonic has introduced a revolutionary technology series of air conditioners (AC) in India, which are equipped with Nanoe X technology, which helps in preventing coronavirus, the corporate claims that Nano X technology releases hydroxyl radicals present in water. The world’s first AC which works as an air conditioner as well as air purifier. Hydroxyl radicals also are called ‘nature’s detergents’ and eliminate 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, including novel coronaviruses. Customers can buy these ACs of Panasonic from online too. Online portals and Panasonic brand stores. at the present , with the rise in pollution levels, people became very careful within the situation of unclean air and now the spread of coronavirus. In such a situation, Panasonic has launched this special AC keeping in mind the requirements of the purchasers.

Whereas, the Nanoe X Technology has OH radicals which convert hydrogen from pollutants to form water that inhibits 99%* Bacteria and Viruses* including COVID 19*.

This video further reinforces the company’s claim.


  • These special ACs of Panasonic are helpful in preventing coronavirus
  • It is claimed Many benefits of Nano X technology, clean and clean air

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The new series of five star inverter Nano X air conditioners of Panasonic HU Series will be available in 1 ton and 1.5 ton capacities. The (CS / CU-HU18XKYF) model in India costs Rs 66,000.

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