Sushant Singh Bought A Professional Telescope 14LX00 To Monitor His Plot On The Moon!- TVT

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Sushant Singh Rajput, 34 years old talented & famous actor of Bollywood, has hanged himself in his house in Mumbai. The news of his sudden death has created a havoc of mourning in the Bollywood. Along with the fans, his close friends are also mourning Twitter on the death of Sushant Singh. Many celebrities from Bollywood as well as from Hollywood tweeted, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, paying tribute to Sushant Singh Rajput.


According to Bhaskar news: Actor who Born in Bihar, Sushant struggled a lot in Bollywood from the beginning. His first earnings were 250 rupees. Sushant bought land on the moon in 2018, his plot is in the Sea of ​​Muscovy. Sushant was the first actor in world who bought land on the moon.

Sushant also legally registry this plot on the moon from the International Lunar Lands Authority. He also bought a top-line telescope model 14LX00
to monitor his plot. However, there are also many international laws in which it can’t be considered legally owned, because whatever outside the earth, is only the right of entire human beings. no country can claim those things.


We THEVIRALTAKE just wish that you live in heaven happily which is no less than a moon.

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