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  1. Labrador

Labrador is the most liked dog breed from India to Australia, Canada to New Zealand and Britain to America. Dogs of this breed are very disciplined. They have great affection from children to old men. They also participate in sports. Labradors are very smart and are also used extensively as guides. Labradors are also the first choice for police and military.

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2. German shepherd

Since 1899, the German Shepherd has been one of the most favorite dog breeds in the world. Aggressive image, honesty and courage are coddled in this breed. German Shepherds are very sharp minded, and their body is also very strong. Dogs of this breed do not like loneliness and hence they always like humans.

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Dogs of this breed are kept to enhance beauty more than housekeeping. They are probably the oldest toy breed dogs. Dogs of this breed do not have much height, so it is also most preferred for apartment life. These dogs are considered comforters. He is also known for his soft hair.

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4. The beagles

Due to their tremendous ability to sniff this breed and sharp mind, they are assigned the job of sniff dog at the airport. They are very friendly and do not harm others. Although dogs of this breed bark a little more, they can be trained properly for this.

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5. Golden Retrievers

This breed of dogs that specializes in sports is also very well liked in pet lovers. Golden retrievers are very cute. He either likes to hang out with his boss or sleep on his feet. He is especially liked in the house where there are small children.

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6. Newfoundland dog

Dogs of this breed are considered to be special friends of children. They are very good swimmers. It is said that a dog of the same breed once saved Napoleon Bonaparte from drowning.

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7. Pembroke Welsh Corgis

This breed of small size loves sports. In the legends, Pembroke is described as a means of fairy riding. However, these dogs do not get along quickly with strangers and are shy. Yes, these accounts are also very high.

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8. Poodles

The biggest feature of dogs of this breed is the problem for those who keep it. They are very cute. Training can be done quickly, but usually they are hesitant to see anyone other than their owners and family members. Not only this, they can also be aggressive. Their biggest problem is with dogs of another breed, which they do not like

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9. Portuguese Water Dog

This breed of dogs is originally from Algarve region of Portugal. This breed was mainly used by fishermen to hear the movement of fishes. These water dogs also played an important role in breaking the trap. This breed in India came from America. They are quiet and easy to train.

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