The Controversial Movie “Cannibal Holocaust” Director Immediately Arrested On Murder Charges After The Film’s Premiere.

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Cannibal Holocaust is a Italian horror movie released in 1980. The film was directed by Ruggero Deodato, was also known for direct ing violent and glory horror films with strong elements of realism. Perhaps the most infamous, violence and brutal examples of a film leading to the arrest of its director is the 1980 Italian classic Cannibal Holocaust

The film was successful and reportedly earning around $200 million dollars in just first week of released.

Many critics claimed that the death bodies of actors and violence towards animals shown in the movie were genuine, and the Ruggero was immediately arrested just after the premiere of this movie.

However, Roggero Deodato proved his innocence. All actors presence in the court and proved that they were not dead. According to director, he had a contract with his actors that they must disappear for a year after the film released, that people too believed that they were actually dead.

In an interview Deodato revealed that he was fined millions of dollar.  

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