There Are Two Planets For The People And Covid-19 is Very Dangerous For One Of These Planet – TVT

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Since childhood, we felt that there was only one planet for humans in the whole universe. But as we grew up we came to know that there are two planets here, one for the rich and the other for the poor. In current worldwide situation Covid-19 is very dangerous for one of these planets.

We at ‘THEVIRALTAKE’ shows you the 2 shades of the planet and how these two planets are different. And the big deal right now for the people who are suffering from income inequality around the world in this Pandemic.

  • Covid-19 spread much faster in slums rather than it does a five star hotel. This income inequality may harm poors more than rich.
  • In San Francisco the top 1 percent and bottom 1 percent lives in a same city but they don’t live together.
  • In South Africa there is worst inequality between the Blacks and the Whites. Whites lives in a lavish villas and millions of blacks people lives in those slums.
Source: Gettyimages
  • In these slums it’s almost impossible to keep social distancing and stay safe.
Source: Basic Beijing
Source: New Internationalist
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Source: National Geographic

So we have one planet for the rich and other planet for poor. The bitter truth is, everything is same in our small planets, just life is different.

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