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Due to regular lack of good sleep, a person’s entire day is bad and there is also a reason for weight gain.

THEVIRALTAKE would like to give you a few tips, so that you will be able to know the reason for your low sleep and will be able to fix it. Countdown begins.

12. Fix your bedroom air temperature.

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The optimal temperature of the room should be 60-75°F (15-23°C).

Solution: Cover yourself with light blanket, so that the body will be warm during the night.

11. Physical exercise

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Solution: Do not exercise 3 hours before bedtime.

10. Lack of schedule

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Solution: Try off to sleep daily at the same time between between 10 p.m. and 1 a.m.

9. Lighting

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Solution: Sleeping mask is a good option to avoid any sources of light coming into the room.

8. Noise

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Solution: Use earplugs to cover up.

7. Bed for the wrong purpose

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6. Caffeine

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Solution: Drinking coffee reduces sleepiness, along with coffee, chocolates are also prevents you from falling asleep.

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Solution: If you do not asleep in 20 minutes, then you can read the book ( not an e-book), which will make you sleepy in a while.

4. Alcohol

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3. Mind overload

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Solution: Keep your mind calm while sleeping, Distract yourself from all concerns.

2. Absence of habit

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Solution: Take warm shower before bed, avoid hot bath.

1. Sleep position

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For good sleep, sleeping positions should be absolutely comfortable whether you’re alone or with your partner. Try not to change the position until you fall asleep.

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