This Adorable Viral Video of Lion Cub Reminded Of Simba From The Lion King. Watch Video – The Viral Take

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There is something in the name of a lion and if it comes in front and its roar falls in the ears then a lot can happen. But do not panic, there is going to be mention here of a lion cub, who is trying to roar like his father.

This lion cub or Simba, who roared better? (Photos:

This video of Lion cub captured at Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, shared on twitter by an account handle ‘Welcome to Nature’. This cute adorable video depicts a lion child who is trying to shake the whole world with his roar, but his slow roar is so sweet that anyone can fall in love with it.

Every time the voice of this child is lost in an attempt to roar, but your eyes remain fixed on it. Watch this video of this lovely child who is trying to be like Papa-Mummy –

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