This Extreme Beautiful Country Doesn’t Exist On Many World Maps – TVT

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This country is at the edge of world map thats why many world maps forget to include this beautiful country ‘NEW ZEALAND’

New Zealand tourism new ad campaign #GETNZONWORLDMAP, comedian Rhys Darby calls on New Zealand’s prime minister Jacinda Ardern for help solving the ‘next great conspiracy’ – why the country keeps getting left off world maps.

Well, New Zealand is very cool. People of this countries extreme chillout. They have extreme nature, extreme sports and you can’t believe news channel of this country is super chill. In other countries the news will stress you out but in New Zealand the news will chill you out.

New Zealand may be at the bottom of the world map, but this country should be on your top of the list, where you will go after Kovid 19.

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