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It is true that humanity has no religion. It is not necessary that the dignity of humanity can be followed only with human beings. We can keep humanity with animals too. They too need our love and care. It would be wonderful to see that a person understands the problem of a destitute and needy animal.

The incident happened at subway station in São Paulo, Brazil, a guy named Fernando Gabriel and his brother, Felipe, passing through the subway. Gabriel suddenly noticed one very sad-looking dog is quite feeling cold. As Gabriel shared this incidents with The Dodo.

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As soon as his gaze fell on that dog, he started removing his clothes to help him. Felipe could not understand what his brother was going to do.
He started making videos of this entire incident. As soon as Gabriel took off his jacket then sweatshirt and after that his shirt. Now Felipe could understood that Gabriel is trying to help this poor dog. That whole video they released on Facebook.

It is absolutely true that humanity is still alive due to people like Gabriel. This incident clears that along with helping human beings, we should also pay attention to the stray animals on the street.

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