Top 10 Cryptocurrencies Listed That Might Explode Like Shiba Inu

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The world of cryptocurrency is completely different, where anyone can be a Millionaire at any time. With the costs of the most important cryptocurrency of all of them , Bitcoin, falling sharply within the past few weeks, the investors and traders are watching other emerging players in the market. So investors looking for more options that have the potential to give them good returns in crypto market.

Here are the list of the top cryptocurrencies launched over the past 30 days.

1. Chihua Token ( CHU ) Price: $0.0000000182

Chihuahua is a small dog which has smooth hair large eyes breed original from Mexico. Chihuahua Token, which calls strong compete with DogeCoin, Shiba Inu, and other dog meme coins, has a trading volume of $16,458,970 and is currently trading at $0.00000003, according to The developers of this coin has claim that the token, which runs on the Ethereum blockchain, has only 1 percent of its token supply for development purpose.

2. Clu Coin ( CLU ) Price: $0.0000001798

Clu Coin officially launch on 20th May, a day-old cryptocurrency, which is running on the Binance blockchain. It already has a $22,639,594 trade volume and a market cap of $140 million. The cryptocurrency has designed to support charity system, where some portion of transaction fees going to charity.

3. American Shiba ( USHIBA ) Price: $0.00000001

After the tremendous performance of Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, there has been a flood of meme coins based on dog breed. American Shiba is also based on the same breed of dog as the infamous DogeCoin. It has a trade value of $12,618,929. American Shiba coin was launched on May 19th 2021.

4. Corgi Inu ( CORGI ) Price: $0.0000005443104.73%

Corgi Inu Token is another dog-based meme coin, the mascot being the favored Corgi breed of dogs while “Inu” is that the Japanese term for “dog”. The coin may be a “decentralised community-based cryptocurrency” on the Ethereum blockchain system and features a trading value of $1,853,890. it had been launched on May 19.

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As per the Corgi Inu website they locked 50% of the entire supply to Uniswap and threw away the keys! Then we sent 40% to Vitalik Buterin, essentially burning that portion of the availability . The remaining 10% are going to be distributed to wallets providing liquidity to the CORGI/ETH pool on Uniswap. this may 

occur after predetermined intervals of your time through the utilization of a sensible contract based lottery.

5. HotDoge ( HOTDOGE ) Price: $0.0000000148.85%

These new cryptocurrency uses the game on the words on dog breed like ’hot dog’ and ‘doge’. The Binance Coin-based cryptocurrency is “100 percent community-run” and has a trading volume of $4,593,698. The coin was launched on May 20, 2021. It gives almost 100 percent return in a single day.

6. Steak Bank Finance ( SBF ) Price: $0.006489

SteakBank may be a liquid stacking platform that’s using the Binance Smart Chain. The rewards are going to be given within the sort of liquid tokens, the SBF token. The cryptocurrency was launched on May 19 and features a $342,902 trading value over the last 24 hours.

7. Your Future Exchange ( YFX ) Price: $0.4482

YFX.COM may be a trading platform that permits users up to 100x leverage to trade on BTC, ETH and other crypto assets supported by ETH, Tron, BSC, Heco, OKEx Chain, Polkadot. It also supports cross-chain trading. it had been launched on May 19, 2021 and features a trading value of $4,236,885

8. Atlantic Finance Token ( ATFI ) Price: $2.30

Atlantic Finance Token features a range of monetary products in decentralised finance that gives services like lending aggregation, yield generation, and insurance on the blockchain. Their token will soon be connected to the Binance Smart Chain. it had been launched on May 19 with a trading volume of $1,032,772

9. Echelon DAO ( ECHO ) Price: $0.7618

The ECHO token has been developed by the Echelon DAO organisation that claims that it’s a “transparent organization governed by Smart Contracts and controlled by the Echelon community”. it’s linked to the Binance Smart Chain and was launched on May 20. Its current market cap, consistent with the FAQ on its website, is $364,864 and it’s a trade value of $1,634,781

10. Safe Orbit ( SAFEORBIT ) Price : $0.00000001

Safe Orbit cryptocurrency Based linked to the Binance Smart Chain, this cryptocurrency token is an “autonomous yield and liquidity generation protocol”. The token has already burned nearly 48 percent of its supply whilst it launched on May 20. Its current trading volume is $2,295,166.

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