Twitter, Facebook And Instagram Going To Banned, Netizens Made Fun Of It Through Memes

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We all know how much social media means to people in today’s time. for several people, it’s become a support for ‘living’. during this case, imagine what is going to happen if social media suddenly ‘disappears’ from you? Obviously people have gotten an enormous shock. But, the discussion is that from Wednesday, social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are getting to be closed the country. As soon as this news was received by the social media users, they immediately started giving their reaction through mimes.

The whole social media has been shaken as soon because the news was received. Hashtag #banned and #GoodBye is trending on twitter and other people are constantly sharing funny memes and telling the condition of their hearts. So let’s look into these trending memes what people need to say?

1. When you see twitter working after 6 Pm #banned #Goodbye

2. Message to all our social media friends

3. Once upon a time when we met on twitter #banned

4. Most happiest app in India right now #Telegram

5. Twitter and Facebook users right now

6. Kabhi kabhi lagta hai apun hi bhagwan ich hai

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7. Social media users right now sharing

8. Those who just reached 500 followers in 5 years on Twitter & Facebook

9. 7 saal se samajhne ki poori koshish kar rahe hai.

10. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter going to banned.Netizens asking to Playstore right now

11. Smartphones are now in big trouble

12. It’s 6.53 and all social media platforms are working

13. Meme makers right now feeling

14. People reactions after getting this news on social media

15. Welcome back

16. People who have millions of followers

17. Life from tomorrow

18. Twitter influencers

19. Users sharing their contacts with their followers

20. Yahi antim raat hai

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