Video Goes Viral: Mother Rat Chases Away Snake To Protect Her Baby – TVT

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No One Like A Mother !

There is no person in this world who is beloved by his mother. The mother understands all the feeling of her children without saying it. Then whether the mother is in human form or in the form of an animal or bird. A mother can do anything for her child.

At first glance, it seems like a ordinary fight between the two animals. When people watched this video carefully, they realizes that this mother rat is trying to protect her child from a snake.

The person who shared this video wrote:

This snake was never seen again. Shamed to fame by a rat chasing it down But when you see it’s the mother who did it, one realises that mother’s can do anything for their kid. Motherhood can be the biggest weapon on earth

In a short period of time this video goes viral on Twitter. Twitterati retweet this video and responding about the power of motherhood.

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