Viral Video: If There Are No Beds In The Hospital, Then Treat Corona At Home And Increase The Oxygen Level In This Way

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How to improve oxygen level in covid reception , which medicine are often given to extend oxygen level in covid: The horrific condition of corona within the country remains. The condition of hospitals is additionally very bad. the amount of infected is increasing constantly and there’s a shortage of beds in hospitals. In such a situation, we are telling you about this recommendation of Dr. Ved Chaturvedi related to Sir Gangaram Hospital today. Dr. Ved Chaturvedi is Super Specialist of Rheumatology in Gangaram.

In the event of not getting beds in Dr. Ved Chaturvedi Hospital, the patient advices to form the hospital reception . He has given it the name home hospitalization.

For this, Dr. Chaturvedi has issued a video message and has told that if the oxygen lavel of a corona patient falls below 94, then how can it’s increased without oxygen cylinders reception . He advises patients to lie on their stomachs for this. Lying on the stomach, the lungs of an individual expands and gradually increases its oxygen level.

It is called a prone position within the language of drugs . He recommends doing this 2 to 3 times each day for 2 hours. Similarly, he recommends to rearrange oxygen cylinders or auxin concentration.

If you are doing not increase oxygen level even after doing this for a few of days, then you ought to get a CT scan done. If a light scab infection is seen during a CT scan, then continue this practice.

If a CT scan shows a really severe infection, then you’ll need to be admitted to a hospital. And if the infection is moderate, you’ll consult a doctor near you.

Even after this, if your situation doesn’t improve, then you’ll need to admit within the hospital. Till now you were being given steroid pills. it’ll be injected within the hospital and with this the injection of remdesivir will run. during this way, by following this protocol of awareness and treatment, you’ll treat corona to an excellent extent reception .

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