Viral Video: See How The Penguin Chicks Enjoyed Swimming For The First Time – TVT

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A video that touches the heart is becoming viral in the internet these days. Penguins are loved by everyone. They are the most adorable creature in the world.

Twitter handle Shedd Aquarium, USA shared one video which shows penguins chick getting ready to swim for the first time. These chicks were a little nervous at first, but as soon as they dared, they started floating in the water. Just as the lion’s child does not have to learn to hunt, in the same way penguins has an unbreakable relationship with water.

Looking at the penguin chicks, no one can say that this is their first time swimming. They really had a great enjoyable experience. People also fiercely commented on the video which won the heart.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

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