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  • Would you believe that human corpses can be turned into diamonds ?

Today we will tell you a weird news that will be strange to hear. It’s all about a person who knows the art of making diamonds out of the corpse. Perhaps you are surprised to hear this and you do not believe how this is possible? But yes, what we will tell you is absolutely true.

We THEVIRALTAKE will tell you how a human corpse is turned into a diamond.

The ones who have done this amazing art named Rinaldo Villi from Switzerland, who founded a company in 2004 called Algordanza. The word “Algordanza” is an expression for “Remembrance”. 

Algordanza Company is famous all over the world for making diamonds from human corpses. This diamond looks exactly like real diamond.
The size and making of the diamond is determined by the price of the diamond.

This company along with Singapore in almost all European countries and United States Of America.

How is this possible, this question must be coming in your mind. Well Algordanza published the whole process in their website.

Source: Algordanza

If you also want to keep the memories of your loved ones in the shape of diamonds, then you can contact with the Algordanza company.

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