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Students of political science and defense studies from around the world have been studying Che Guevara

for years. Che Guevara’s guerrilla war history still discuss in today’s world. But very few people know that he had come to visit India for two weeks. Throughout the tour, Che Guevara was interested in cows and Yoga.

Prime Minister Mr Jawaharlal Nehru welcoming Che Guevara in his Teen Murti residential office on July 1, 1959). Photo by Kundan Lal of Photo Division, Government of India.

After returning, he wrote an article on India, in which he mostly menti oned about cow. He was surprised why cow is given so much importance here. He used to say that the use of cow dung instead of kerosene is unique to me. He tells how at that time there are 180 million cows in India, more than 100 million from America. The reason cow is considered holy is that it does not kill for meat.

Che Guevara clicks this photo
Che Guevara clicks this photo

Ashoka Hotel was ready at that time, Che Guevara was escort to the same hotel.

Source: Ashoka Hotel, New Delhi.

The next morning Che Guevara met Prime Minister Pandit Nehru. Nehru presented Goddess Durga engraved on the cover of the khukri to Che Guevara.

Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru in a happy mood after receiving a box of cigars as gift from the Cuban delegation on July 1, 1959. Photo courtesy: Photo Division, Government of India.
Photo by Om Thanvi, 2007

The next 5 days he met many ministers in Delhi and went to visit many places.

At the Planning Commission of India.
Che Guevara meets Defence Minister VK Krishna Menon, 3 July 1959
Che visits a school in the Pilana Block near Delhi. Photo courtesy: Photo Division, Government of India.
Checking out a metal detector at the laboratory of the Indian Agricultural Research Institute.

Many people do not know that Che Guevara had ever come to India and he was also very impressed from here.

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